Just how bad was this Leon Mugesera fellow?

The man has been asked to leave the great state of Canada, and trust me, he will. He can appeal to the Heavenly Father himself but this Stephen Harper administration simply doesn’t give a damn. I expect him to be thrown on a plane not later than Friday. Despite what the damn UN thinks. http://www.thestar.com/article/1113903–leon-mugesera-s-deportation-to-rwanda-might-be-stalled-by-un, http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/01/11/uns-torture-fears-delay-rwandans-deportation/

I just found out that he actually fled Rwanda after the then Minister of Justice Stanislas Mbonampeka, issued a warrant for his arrest. Even the genocidal regime of Juvenal Habyarimana thought “hold on, this fellow is a bit too genocidal…even for us”. When the Devil thinks even you are too sinful, you REALLY need Jesus.


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