The UN should make up its freakin mind

Leon Mugesera, of “chop their heads off before they chop of yours” fame is still refusing to face the judicial music here in Rwanda.,–leon-mugesera-wins-reprieve-to-avoid-deportation-to-rwanda.

What is really suprising to me is that it’s a UN agency, the Office of the United Nations High Commsioner for Human Rights-Committee Against Torture, that is attempting to halt the deportation. Despite the fact that the ICTR, which is a UN international court ruled, that genocide suspect Pastor John Uwinkindi could be transferred to Rwanda.,

So, on one hand, a UN court has ruled that Rwanda isnt a cesspit full of torture chambers, while on the other hand another one wants to investigate whether Mugesera will be tortured in this very ‘cesspit’. This is all very confusing. No wonder many in the American political establishment think that the UN is a joke. Because it really is.


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