The ugliness and pettiness of the Pro-Miss Rwanda lobby

As most of you already know, guest blogger Janet Karemera, wrote an interesting blog on why she didnt support the Miss Rwanda contest and the Government’s financial support for it. I didn’t think it would be frankly a huge deal but I quickly learnt just how nonsensical some of my fellow citizens are. I totally understand that people won’t always agree with you, but reaction to this article has been rabid and mean spirited and illogical. But I guess that is the nature of discourse these days.

Here are some of the interesting comments that the blog, and its subsequent use in The New Times, where it was the most read item on the paper’s online version. It was shared 440 times on Facebook and tweeted 52 times.

“The Author of this article and all her supporters, think outside the box please! No need to say much. Government is a Parent too among other things… and by the way all yo suggestions are being done by the GoR otherwise Rwanda wouldnt be where we are now!!! We are a model country not only for fellow African countries but even Europe and the West are wowed by us and all our home grown initiatives. So wake up and support Government programs, and involvements because govt is not blind, it has advisors and respect is among the little things you can do!! Stop complaining about your country, do your part well coz you are your country- Herbert Muhire

“Get off your high horse!” Peter, USA

And my personal favorite, “The author of this article must be really ugly and have low self esteem- you can be smart and rock a dress! Yes i agree there should be spelling bees etc…BUT TO EACH HIS/HER OWN.If you don’t like it don’t ATTEND, stay home and watch movies.
Many countries have beauty pageants,its not a new event, granted the standard of boot camp isn’t great, but maybe next time they will improve. We complain about the lack of entertainment… and here she is bitching!!!! Lady, take a seat- A Concerned Rwandan.

On Twitter, a Daniel Kayonza (@dKayonza) actually went as far as implying that I ghost wrote the entire article.

Anyway, the contestants entertained the mob, leaving some withering on the floor with their daft answers to the judges questions, and at the end of it all, Aurore Kayibanda Umutesi won. What got my goat really just how thin skinned people were. I even heard that the Minister of Culture, Protais Mitali, mention Janet’s name in his remarks. Really?! Doesn’t he have better things to do other than bullying a woman who simply put her point across?


7 thoughts on “The ugliness and pettiness of the Pro-Miss Rwanda lobby

  1. Me says:

    Sunny really???? hahaha i cant help it but lmao!!! what yo fighting is exactly what yo doin, albeit blindly. cheers man, there r other ways u can support you know who….

  2. Me says:

    1. You are calling your so called “fellow citizens” nonsensical and i wonder how better you are trying to be…. by name calling…. respect and self respect man!

    2. It is visible that you are also taking the road of being rabid, mean spirited and illogical like you are finger pointing.

    3. Too many qns runnin in my mind abt your intentions

  3. Me says:

    You question if the Minister dint have better things to do than mention an article and its writer refering to his Ministry’s involvement (I dont agree that he bullied “a woman”)
    let me also ask, really dint Janet have better things to do or write about other than dogging down a popular event that seeks to uphold the Rwandan young woman through ways that she or you dont have to agree with?

    I humbly rest my case

  4. Penny says:

    It’s once again dismaying to see what happens when a dissenting opinion is voiced (or printed in this case). Discourse and discussion should be encouraged. Sadly, it looks like what’s happened in this situation is the equivalent of a comments section at the bottom of a youtube post. Question: Why is a gov ministry involved in the pageant?

    • Me says:

      Point of correction my dear, i thought this is discussion. Agreeing or disagreeing with one’s opinion is a personal right, and disagreeing doesn’t mean dissent or it does in your case. Thanks

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