Guest Blogger Reacts to Rama Isibo’s ‘Letter to Fred Rwigyema’ in a Scathing Riposte

Readers, I’ve noted quite a response to guest blogger, Rama Isibo’s piece, ‘Letter to Fred Rwigema’ from both sides of the quote-unquote ‘political divide’. I personally put my point across on Saturday. Today, I received this post from A.L, a writer whose identity will remain anonymous. As I’ve reiterated before, these blogs and reactions are NOT my personal views. I simply wish to help facilitate debate.

I’ve read some terrible, misguided rants in my time, but Rama Isibo’s ‘Letter to Fred Rwigyema’ takes some beating. It’s hard to even know where to begin tackling this miasma of nonsense as his piece was so divorced from reality that it’s clear they aren’t even on speaking terms. It’s such a spectacular, colossal failure of reasoning and debate and displays such moral and intellectual ineptitude that it comes off as a satire. The writer fancies himself as a heroic martyr speaking truth to power. Unfortunately, reading his piece strongly suggests that he wouldn’t know the truth if it mugged him in the street. The entire piece is so astonishingly bad that you lose IQ points just reading it. Mr. Isibo exists on a level of delusion that would not look out of place on the Cartoon Network.

Can anyone locate any facts in this diatribe? Readers, I tried but facts were not welcome to his self-indulgent party. Every melodramatic assertion was expected to be taken as truth on its face precisely because our misguided warrior thinks stating something as a fact automatically makes it a fact. I trust I don’t have to tell readers that this is a failure of logic on a grand level. For  example, his repeated assertions that RPF is only interested in naked power and has lost its ideological moorings. Is there any evidence given for this? Of course not-statements equal facts in the warped world of Mr. Isibo. Precisely why we should take him so seriously is unclear. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Isibo hasn’t done anything of note in this town.

He strode into the Country after the RPF had liberated and transformed it and then sees fit to throw a fit because they aren’t doing things the way he wants things to be done. In attacking the RPF, he also recycles the ‘climate of fear’ rhetoric so beloved of the foreign press. I’m glad to see Mr. Isibo can copy and paste, but that’s an argument that has been debunked since day one.

It should be noted that using a letter to Fred Rwigyema as a means to deliver his toxic tirade is a transparent effort at emotional manipulation. I assume discerning readers can see through such a shameless rhetorical device. It’s probably a subconscious acknowledgement that his piece has no substance.

As for his disdain for the middle and upper class, it’s as usual a scattergun approach combining fact-free allegations and hilariously misguided missives. He’s particularly peeved that people take out loans to buy cars and send their kids to good schools. Does he think people in the rest of the world do it differently? What’s wrong with borrowing money to send your kid to a good school or to get a car? How does he know these people can’t sustain the debt they create? Of course he doesn’t know. Why would he? He needs to pontificate not educate. His use of Rav 4’s as a potent symbol of high-income earners is hilarious considering you can get a Rav 4 for under 5 Million these days- not exactly a statement of intent. And I’m sure the author of this fetid file has taken out quite a few loans himself.

He also seems to be under the impression that Rwandans are somehow oppressing the poor. How Rwandans are doing this is left unclear. Perhaps he would like to tell that to the million people who were recently lifted out of poverty and who have consistently shown their approval for the Government’s policies. If he is bothered by the fact that they are some poor people in Rwanda, I hope he realizes that the same goes for pretty much every other Country on the planet. And it’s patently clear that Rwanda has done a lot more for its poor than most other Countries have. Using the poor for his arguments is another shameless rhetorical device.

His economic analysis is also fatally weakened by its complete lack of connection to factual reality. Apparently Rwanda is in the worst economic situation it has ever been in. Did he write that with a straight face? If so, one can almost admire such shamelessness. There is no economic analysis here that a child in Kindergarten couldn’t take apart in 3 minutes. In his world, investors are afraid to come to Rwanda. Readers, is that what you can see when you look around Rwanda? A Country spurned by foreign investors?

Addressing his arguments on a point-by-point basis would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but that would be unfair to fish in barrels. I don’t have enough time for a more extensive rebuttal, mostly because I could lose the will to live. This is simply a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation of all the negative foreign press stories that have been written about Rwanda. However his central idea- that the Country is heading down the wrong path and is on an unsustainable course- is patent nonsense to any reasonable person who has been in the Country even briefly. Unfortunately in his desperate bid to be a contrarian and be the center of attention, Mr. Isibo has greatly embarrassed himself.


8 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Reacts to Rama Isibo’s ‘Letter to Fred Rwigyema’ in a Scathing Riposte

  1. Black Dahlia says:

    Your response, while funny, is as bereft of facts as you claim Mr Isibo’s was. And why attack him personally – that’s low.

  2. Linda says:

    I applaud the fact you write to inspire debate, and read your blog quite often..but this particular piece comes off as a personal attack.

  3. tay skirkanich says:

    Wow… Rama still comes off strong in this debate.. Some good debate based on fact would be refreshing. Take this down – only demeans the integrity of your blog

  4. Ari says:

    I agree with Skirkanish. If you want an interesting fact based debate, that gives at the end a clear picture of the political, social, and economic challenges that our country is facing today, you should choose articles that go in that direction and not personal attacks that do not help us move forward.

  5. LeTerrible says:

    Dear blog owner, let me first state that I don’t agree with Mr. Isibo’s article for the most part of it, I do however find it quite despicable the fact that you have provided to A.L. with a platform on which he can carry out personal attacks against Mr. Isibo which is completely diverging to the basic principles of constructive debating.
    A.L. has only succeeded in showing us his cowardice by deciding to remain anonymous as he mutilated Mr. Isibo and his article and I can only applaud Mr. Isibo for not reacting to A.L’s deplorable reaction to his article, as the old french adage goes “On répond aux imbéciles par le silence”

  6. Chap says:

    I read the first paragraph of this response and decided to skip the rest and comment. like I commented on your(Sunny’s) response.. these personal attacks and that whole “remember what happened 18 years ago?” position that those against Rama’s views choose to take just strengthen what he says.

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