Papyrus closure saga: Mayor Fidele is a liar

Sweating bullets because of the public outrage that his administration’s decision to close Papyrus caused, the obviously taken aback Mayor of Kigali, Fidele Ndayisaba, conned The New Times reporter (and the reading public) by saying that the establishment didn’t face “immanent closure”.

He is quoted saying “KCC only advised the proprietor to comply with approved plans of the building in a letter dated October 8, 2012.We did not authorize the construction of a discotheque in that area. If he (the owner) wants to run a night club there, he should go through the right channels and apply for a license; we will then assess the application accordingly and provide an appropriate answer”.

To this i say BULLSHIT.

First of all, he’s pretending that KCC didn’t allow Serge to build the bar/nightclub. As I revealed yesterday in my blog ( Hakizimana Thomas, a KCC Director, actually gave Serge a permission to occupy AFTER the entire place was inspected.

Tsk tsk. Its a shame that Ivan Mugisha didnt put the Mayor to task about this.

Secondly, Serge isn’t able to pay his loan unless the bar is open. So, HE IS FACING CLOSURE.


2 thoughts on “Papyrus closure saga: Mayor Fidele is a liar

  1. This is an interesting story and it would be nice if TNT treated it as a story and not just an event. Great follow up stories and angles would be a blessing to the readers. Covering other city council vs investor clashes for example would give us a good read.

  2. Nitin Dabholkar says:

    This is the major problem in Rwanda……the leadership wants and encourages investors to come in large numbers and then the local agencies like the RRA, KCC, district administration and others, ensure that they frustrate the investor so much that he curses the day he decided to invest in Rwanda…..
    yes! Rwanda is an ideal destination for small investments……where there are no “fixed” assets, period !! investments in trading like shops, super markets, insurance, transportation, clearing and forwarding, consultancy etc are the safest bet……anyone bothers you……just pack up and leave !!!!
    RDB has never bothered to find out what the investor goes through after he has pumped his money in…… investor retention policy!!! they only want to publish figures of how much investment has come in !!! they have never published figures of how many investors have left or are on the verge of leaving or their investment has eroded and are on the verge of collapse !!!
    its sad but true and if H.E. Paul Kagame does not look into this seriously……those same investors who were ambassadors for Rwanda, in their mother countries, shall be discouraging other investors of even thinking of investing in Rwanda !!!!

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